Let me introduce myself, my name is Isabelle Boulet. Over the years in the labour market, my journey has been very colourful in every way. From fashion to hairdressing, working in hotels to sell customized travel package as well as the district manager (10 stores).

One day, they approached me to be a representative for this Quebec company that I had only heard the name. I must confess that it took me some time to make up my mind. I had many doubts. Fear of the unknown, to sell something that I don’t know anything about, a completely different universe. A man’s world! A macrocosm where hydraulic cylinder, powder paint, batteries, steel and aluminum is the main focus.

Basically, in my soul, I am a saleswoman. I like to understand my clients need and know that they have found what they were looking for because of my service and skills. It is a pride for me to see that they are happy and without regret. But most important of all, in my opinion, is to believe in my product in order to sell it.

After my interview with the director of operations and the head of the engineering and design department, my opinion had begun to form. Obviously, this is a dynamic and passionate team! These are qualities that I immediately appreciated and it reaches my values! Then I met the founder, the dreamer of the company that won me over. That’s when I knew I had to be part of this team. Everyone I met in this enterprise believed in their product with conviction.

So why RH?

Because I believe in it! They convinced me that RH aerial lift equipment is top quality and they stand out! They showed me why which everyone should believe in RH as much as them. They definitely have an eye for details. My favourite highlight: they are very focus as of to respect the environment by using 48% less steel through the program “My Inner StrenxSSAB and powder coatings (no solvent). The ladder works with AGM batteries, which prevents from letting the engine running (less expenses maintenance wise, less fuel and pollution). In addition, Robert (founder) has a staggering experience in the field. He created his product with only one idea in his mind: “It should not break and if it does, it should be easy to fix.” So, in conclusion, RH aerial lift equipment should last approximately around 30 years. He also noted that users did not like to use the stabilizers. Then, in collaboration with the engineering team, they have created a fairly light and sturdy ladder that met the standards and requires no outriggers.

Now, I must tell you a secret! About 3 weeks ago, when they were installing the pink balls decoration in the gay village, I played spy. They were using three different aerial lifts including ours. Without introducing myself, I asked to those different users what they were thinking about each of them (7 of 9 prefers RH).

Here are the comments that repeatedly emerged regarding our equipment:

“I feel that the RH aerial lift equipment is much more stable, rugged, it does not do a banana shape.”

“I love the basket it’s so spacious, I don’t feel like I’m working in a garbage can like the other ones.”

“The basket angle makes it easier to do what i have to do when I lean to work.”

“I like the accessibility of the remote control, at least it is not at the bottom, it’s easier to use.”

“You cannot imagine the time I save, it’s much faster to reach the right place.”



My question to you is:


With RH you win on every level; in maintenance costs, durability, stability, longevity, fuel costs, eco-friendly and more!

I invite you to visit our:

Thanks for reading and feel free to subscribe!

Isabelle Boulet

Sales Representative.

robert hydraulique



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