The importance of a good maintenance.

HI, let me introduce myself, my name is Rachel Beauregard and my job is customer service and technical support. I have been working for Robert Hydraulics for nearly 11 years.

The importance of a good maintenance on our RH unit.

In this blog I’ll talk to you about the importance of a good maintenance on our RH unit and some of its benefits. We have developed a document to facilitate the monitoring of its maintenance. Once you purchase one of our Aerial Lift Equipment, you will receive a manual regarding the parts and maintenance. It is spread over three periods: daily, every 3 months and annually, this in order to keep your RH Aerial Lift Equipment in good working order and safe. For each period there is an easy check list to monitor and what to tell you what action needs to be taken.

Maintenance manuel

We have in our maintenance manual steps to follow in order to assist you to make some repairs (if case apply) that can be done by yourself. For example; change the extension cables, rollers, etc. If you are not a mechanic at heart, you can have them repaired at RH or in one of our service centers. We have many places everywhere in Quebec, across Canada or even the United States. You can visit our website “” in the contact section, you will find a service center that will suit you or contact us and we will be happy to assist you. These procedures are there to guide you on your maintenance. This way, you will keep your RH Aerial Lift Equipment for a long, long time and you will appreciate the quality of the product much longer.

Powdered painted

Powdered painted

Most of our parts are powdered painted, another reason that makes your RH Aerial Lift Equipment last. Our RH units can last up to 30 years if they are well maintained. The side rail sections are covered with a transparent coat to see the aluminum and to preserve its integrity. Ever since RH Aerial Lift Equipment exists, very few changes have been made in the confection. Whether you take an Aerial Lift Equipment built in 2000 or 2016, the configuration remains the same. If we had to bring some improvement to some parts, we have ensured ourselves that they are compatible with our first built unit. By cons, we are always looking for improvement and sustainability for which we can be thankful to have a wonderful engineering team.


When the time comes to change your vehicle, you can transfer your RH Aerial Lift Equipment to your new truck. During the transfer, you can take this opportunity to do a deep verification and maintenance and, or a “beauty”, what we call refurbishing. This involves updates; redo the painting of the important pieces, stickers, etc. It will look brand new! So much so that we will include a one-year warranty like if you were taking acquisition of a new unit. In addition, the basic maintenance is very easy to do only 21 lubrication /greasing points (~ 15 min) and change the stainless steel cables every 3 years.

You can also change the length of your ladder. If the working height no longer suits you and that you need to upgrade/ down size your RH Aerial Lift Equipment, it is possible to do by changing only some sections. Example: You have an  RH41 ladder, you could turn it into an isolated RH44D.

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RH44D Isolée/insulated

In conclusion, our priority is to satisfy your needs while remaining on the cutting edge of technology, being versatile, durability, safe and stable.


I invite you to visit our:

Thank you for reading

Rachel Beauregard,

Customer service and technical support.




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