Oh yes, simply battery operated?

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As mentioned in my Blog called: Why RH? My favourite highlight of an RH is indeed our eco-friendly side. So let me tell you about 1 of the 3 reasons why we are “GREEN”. Of course I will share the other 2 with you in the near future.

Let me introduce to you:

NAME: AGM “Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries”

This type of battery, sealed tight, uses a technology called “Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries.” The principle is to use a thin sheet of fiber Boron-Silicate (fiberglass blotters) between the lead plates contained therein. These sheets, soaked in electrolytes (70% water & 30% acid), comes into contact with the plates. A bit like a bee box (multiple frames in a row). In addition, AGM has the same qualities as gel batteries!

AGM allows us to be much more eco-friendly than our competitors because our RH Aerial Lift Equipment is battery operated, so your vehicle engine will be off while your employees are working. This is a benefit that will allow you to work inside a building if necessary (stadiums, shopping centres, etc.) and not to mention the positive image that you will release. AGM batteries have many advantages, if we compare the standard lead-acid batteries and gel batteries. We at RH, use a 12V battery size 4D or 8D depending on the needs (2X + bigger and longevity). These batteries can be placed in any position and angles (since they do not leak), high resistance to frost, cold and extreme temperature and recharges much faster.

Aude Belanger representing us at ECPAR

Battery operated

The connection of the auxiliary battery isolates the vehicle’s aerial lift equipment. The unit will work without the vehicle engine on. In any case, it will affect the vehicle’s battery; it is actually an additional security because if the truck’s battery needs a little “boost”, due to the type of connection, it can feed of the auxiliary battery. All our units have a two-way splitter between the auxiliary battery and the vehicle. We make no modification to your vehicle, only a wire is connected to the alternator which is used to recharge the auxiliary battery when the vehicle is running.

In addition, we can provide additional security by adding a system such as Ozone-tech. This product requires removing the keys from the ignition; press an activator button to operate the unit. Ozone-tech is perfect for fleet owners that want to have some control over the fuel consumption. The system ensures optimum battery management and will turn on the engine if the vehicle needs to recharge the battery to its maximum capacity.

Since our Aerial Lift Equipment is simply battery operate, you will save approximately $4 300 CAD OR $2 800 USD of fuel per year excluding expenses related to maintenance.

Based on what you may say? I’ll explain to you:

On Idling simply, according to a study from “Enegy.gov” in the United States (published in February 2015) a service vehicle (approximately 19,500 lbs. and we do not even speak of a large bucket truck) consumes 3.1 litres or 0.9 gallons/ hrs. on the “idle”.

So if we assume: ~ 5 hours of use / day x 48 weeks x $2.30 USD/gallon average cost $2 800 USD


Aude Belanger representing us at ECPAR

Imagine on a scale of 30 years … and we are conservative in our calculations! You’ll save with our equipment!

Finally, with an RH Aerial Lift Equipment, you win on every level! Stay posted!

I invite you to visit our:

Thank you for reading

Isabelle Boulet

Sales Rep.

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