Drago launch their multi-function fire extinguisher trailer

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Multi-function fire extinguisher trailer

On June 22nd, the partners of “multi-function fire extinguisher trailer” unveiled the new products in the presence of many dignitaries and representatives of fire protection services.

lancement Drago-isi partenariat avec RH. Robert hydraulique, rh ladder, robert hydraulic, rh aerial lift equipment
Drago-ISI, RH aerial lift equipment, Drumco Energy and subcrontractors launching the Drago water cannon

This project launched as a collaborative innovation project, has been financially supported by the “Pôle” Quebec’s center of excellence ground transportation via a program called “development of strategic sectors”, niche sectors of excellence of the Ministry of economy, science and innovation.

drago 02

This program is especially interesting for companies wishing to work together to develop new vehicles, products, systems or subsystems requiring the contribution of at least three industrial partners.

The “Pôle”

The “Pôle” is proud to have completed their fourth collaborative innovation project and congratulates the companies, Drago I.S.I, RH Aerial Lift Equipment, Drumco Energy and their subcontractors for this project.

Thank you for reading

Translated by: Isabelle Boulet

RH Robert hydraulique, RH Ladders, Rh Aerial lift equipment

Lien vers l’article original en français: http://www.transportail.com/fr/pole/bulletins-et-nouvelles.html#lancement-de-la-remorque-multifonction-a-incendie-de-drago


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