Fire department: a company from Blainville wants to conquer the world

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Source: Christian Asselin, North Info

8 Years later

After eight years of research and development, Drago’s leader, a company from Blainville, had invited the media to Laval on Wednesday on the Institute of Fire Protection in Quebec (IPIQ) site, to finally present their Canon. They were inspired by an airplane reactor. The demonstration was extremely conclusive.

Many elected officials, partners and representatives of the fire departments from all around Quebec have come to attend this presentation. They officially learned that, from the mouth of Simon Villeneuve and Éric Bédard (respectively President and Vice President of Drago), the cannon they have created and offer their services to all fire department from all around the world will, among others, reduce response time while optimizing the use of water. Also, Drago`s promise, costs associated with deployment of man power and materiel will be more cost efficient.

“The idea has been simmering for a long time, said Simon Villeneuve, starting with the Kuwait fires; the firefighters did not know how to extinguish them because they were so big and powerful. It was them who had the idea to use airplane reactors, to turn them around using their strongest hose sending jets of water towards the fire. ”

This system taught in Kuwait by the Germans and the Russians had cost millions of dollars to implement, but has proven highly effective, extinguishing fires, “as blowing a match off” to image what the president of Drago has in mind.

“Seeing this system, continued Mr. Villeneuve, we thought that it was possible to reproduce it as a unit, for private owned companies, municipalities, oil companies, etc. They figured it out by research in order to get the ideal drop of water to extinguish house fires, forest fire or even commercial fires.”

Thus the research began eight years ago.

Prototype after prototype

To get to find the perfect water droplet, the creators have been working many hours and created numerous prototypes before presenting the final Drago, one he hopes to market today.

“We start by drawing water, explained Simon Villeneuve. The droplet was beautiful, but as soon as we added the air, it changed. Then came the foam. ”

Drago presented their cannon for the first time on June 20th. Fire departments can now use a more defensive system and attack the flames with one trailer that replace five traditional fire fighter water hose. Its reservoir can contain a water flow of 2,841 liters per minute while its foam tank can hold 2,000 liters. It can also create a wall of water of 60 feet wide.


“Imagine how useful it would have been in the case of forest fires, such as those of Fort McMurray and the ones in California, in 2012 called “Rush” that reached Nevada,” added Eric Bedard.

The world within reach

Designed for security services of major wildfire, such as Montreal and Quebec, Drago also find its place in the region where, for example, fire service could group themselves and obtain one and share it. However, Drago and the founders do not hide it, the target market is global.

“In a few years, concluded Simon Villeneuve, I would like to see our Drago worldwide. Many countries do not have a lot of water and require a large initial impact. Our Drago, which vaporizes less water, becomes interesting to these less fortunate countries. ”

To learn more on this water cannon and the finalist in young business entrepreneurs’s price of the MRC Thérèse-De Blainville in 2009, simply visit [].

Thank you for reading

Translated by : Isabelle Boulet

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