But… What is powder coating?

Hello again,

Here is the long awaited moment!

As promised in my previous blog; ” Oh yes, simply battery operated?” below I will talk to you about the second facet of our ecofriendly side that I like so much. This time I present to you:

Name: Powder coating (electrostatic)

Here at RH, as our main focus is the quality of our product, which has a life expectancy of thirty years, we opted for the powder coating paint.

What is powder coating?peinture en poudre, RH,Robert Hydraulique, RH Ladder, RH aerial lift equipement, offre de services

Powder coating paints are solvent-free paints which is much more ecofriendly! These coloured powders are propelled onto the parts using a specially designed gun for this purpose. These are 100% dry extracts and solvent (or diluent) free, therefore do not generate any gas in the atmosphere.

Why do we say electrostatic?

20160601_125313The powder coating is prepared by suppliers before being applied. A positive electrical charge is sent to the molecules so that the paint particles are attracted (as a magnet) to the surface that one wishes to paint. The parts that we paint are filled with an opposite electric charge (negative) to attract the powder coating, which makes the electrostatic painting (see picture).

What are the benefits of powder coating?

Here at RH Aerial Lift Equipment, we use the powder coating because of its several advantages. Indeed, these powders, once melted become infusible and thus offer superior corrosion resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures; dry to wet, cold to hot, without any doubts. The absence of solvent and toxic compounds is the best option to environmental requirements and the current health protection. Its strength and long-lasting and its contribution to corrosion make it an essential part of the “Sustainable Development”. The powders used at RH provide durability of 6,000 hours of saline air.

More advantages;

  •     Speed and ease of execution
  •     Less damage
  •     No solvent emissions or VOC
  •     The application and the waste are recyclable (less waste)
  •     Zero emissions during recycling of aluminum
  •     No mixing (multiple choices of pigments)
  •     1 single layer (thick finished)
  •     Reduce fire hazards
  •     Answer the AAMA requirements
  •     No expensive waste to be treated
  •     Excellent UV resistance (the color does not change)

Nissan Top

What is the secret of a sustainable product?

The preparation of painted parts! Our aluminum or steel parts are prepared abrasive sand blast jets to ensure a flawless finish and powders adhere well to pieces.


We have a cooking oven 10’X10’X20 ‘. Once the coated parts are ready, they are prepared for cooking. We put them in an oven at temperatures ranging from 160 to 200 ° C. That’s when they will melt and polymerize (merging of paint molecules). This cooking gives the powder coating the desired higher resistance.

I hope I have convinced you.

Stay tuned for the last number on our ecofriendly reason to want an RH Aerial Lift Equipment!

See you soon and thank you for reading

Isabelle Boulet

RH Robert hydraulique, RH Ladders, Rh Aerial lift equipment


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