There are many added values to purchase an RH Aerial Lift Equipment;  life expectancy of ± 30 years, the possibility to recondition aerial device for a fraction of the price (about 40% of the original price for the unit and body) and updating of certain component to ensure a maximum durability of our equipment.

The aerial equipment is completely disassembled to ensure that all parts that need to be changed are.

Reconditioning includes:

– Sandblasting of the metals

– Electrostatic painting (powder coated)

– Check and / or replacement of the electrical components

– Refurbishing of the fiberglass bucket

– Replacement of all hydraulic components (including cylinders).

– All the bolts are replaced

– And more (please contact us for an evaluation)

The RH promise:

RH promises that once completed, you will not be able to identify if this is indeed your old equipment or a freshly out of the assembly line unit. The serial number will be, for most people, the only indicator to identify it.

We are so confident of our reconditioning, we give you the same warranty as a new RH Aerial Lift Equipment, i.e. 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL PARTS AND LABOR.


With RH you win on every level; in maintenance costs, durability, stability, longevity, fuel costs, eco-friendly and more!

I invite you to visit our:

Thanks for reading and feel free to subscribe!

Isabelle Boulet

Sales Representative.

robert hydraulique


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