RH is offering you to perform maintenance of your RH equipment at the plant or in one of our many service center!

We put at your service our team of experienced technicians for all tasks in conjunction with maintenance and repair your aerial lift equipment may need. It is relevant to do the inspection, maintenance or repair of your RH unit by our certified technicians.

You can count on our 25 years of experience to offer to you an outstanding service and meticulous work done by professionals in aerial lift equipment.

An annual visit is strongly recommended to ensure maximum life expectancy of approximately 30 years.


For your safety and better performance, a general inspection of 52 points will be made as suggested in your manual by our technicians, covering a multitude of facets of our equipment such as:

  • Verification of the safety system
  • Checking the proper functioning of the electrical components
  • Weld verification
  • Verification of structural parts and bolting
  •  Check hydraulic

Following this inspection, our technicians will perform the maintenance and adjustments needed to ensure that your equipment performs at its peak efficiency and minimizing the risk of wearing out.

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Other maintenance services:

  • Dielectric Test
  • Extension cables Replacement
  • Replacing sliding blocks
  • Replacement of the rollers
  • Replacement of the carrier chain
  • Stability Test
  • The radio-control Programming
  • Replacing bucket

And more!

Contact us for more information and / or an appointment.

RH Team

RH Robert hydraulique, RH Ladders, Rh Aerial lift equipment



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