Spring brings in a breath of fresh air at RH Aerial Lift Equipment: FORD TRANSIT

FORD Transit T350

Please help me give a warm welcome the new generation of Ford van 2017 (Unibody)!

We are very proud to announce that we are finally capable to install our units on the Transit T350 and yet to be respectful of all regulations  (CSA, OSHA, DOT, ANSI + more) and respect the Ford body builder guide.

To do so, we use the Ford Transit LR T350 with the 148’ wheel base. There are 2 Transit models on which we can install ourselves; the low roof (LR) Transit 350 and the Cutaway 350. What we have to keep in mind is that the GVWR should be 9500 lb (4309 kg) and up.


With our engineering department, we have developed an innovative concept of weight distribution overall the vehicle. We have also developed a system to embed in the floor our energy source to maximize the cargo space and meet the regulations (CMVSS/ FMVSS 105 & 126) in regards to the gravity center.


Moreover, the engineering and use of the Strenx steel allow us maximize the payload. Once we are installed on the Ford Transit, as an example with an RHL37 you still have a remaining payload of approximately 2200 lb/ 998 kilos, which is exceptional vs our competition!

Obviously, our new unit retains the same advantages as any of our models, that is to say:

RH Ladder - FORD-4

and many more….

What models are available on the Ford Transit T350?

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Feel free to contact us for further information and thank you for reading.

Isabelle Boulet

Sales Rep.

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