C Category Insulation: RH Aerial Lift Equipment √

You need an insulated bucket truck? RH has what you need!

What category of insulation is offered by RH Aerial Lift Equipment?

C Category
What is the difference between the A, B and C category of insulation you would ask me?

The C category units have a coverage of a maximal voltage of 46 kV and lesser. The dielectric parts of the unit supplies only a secondary protection to the operator in the bucket meaning that is the insulation stops/begins where the fiberglass starts or ends.

RH Aerial Lift Equipment provides a 4-foot fiberglass (yellow) section, which allows the unit to be insulated in all position. It is located between the basket (bucket) and the aluminum section. Only the ground crew will be protected. The main coverage (primary) is intended to be supplied by other means such as: rubber gloves, appropriate insulated clothing, hot stick, etc.

A and B Category

The A and B category are designed to supply the main protection to the operator in the bucket beside the crew that surrounds the user.  They are provided with means to control the potential electric leak with an insulating aerial device (periodic electrodes system). The unit of a C category does not require this system and that is what makes the difference.

** For informational purposes, all the dielectric units from RH Aerial Lift Equipment Inc. beforehand filled the dielectric technical clearance (qualification) of a “C” category regulation according to CSA standards; C225-10 CSA and C225-00 CSA. This test last 3 minutes using 100 kV, 60 Hz and the electric leak does not exceed 1 mA. **

Who could use a dielectric aerial lift equipment?

The RH insulated ladders of will meet the needs of professionals of several fields of work, such as;

  • Municipalities for the light bulb change and the roads maintenance and parks,
  • Pruning,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Signs maintenance and installation
  • Electricians,
  • Amusement parks,
  • Parking lot lights maintenance
  • Arenas, stages and stadiums
  • and many more.

Electrosag - RH50D - STE ANNE DES MONTS 2016-08
To tell the truth, all the jobs that needs to be done near the power lines will be safer on board of a dielectric bucket. Let’s kill two birds with one stone by protecting your team and the company at the same time.
To conclude, with an RH Aerial Lift Equipment you win on every level.
I invite you to visit/to register:

Thank you for reading and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
Isabelle Boulet,
Sales rep. and marketing

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